About Us

“Ronnie Cosmetics’ mission is to empower our customers by offering top of the line cosmetics made for any occasion. We are 100% vegan and that means not only looking good, but feeling good.” – Ronnie Nwahiri

We Are Changing the Beauty Game

We are changing the way beauty is defined. Beauty has no skin tone or gender and comes in all colors. Beauty is exemplified by the individual themselves. Our makeup is an extension of that beauty magnified already personified. We curated our cosmetic line to be inclusive and diverse.


We see the beauty in all people.

Green Beauty

Our products were customized for you to look good while considering your skin.

Look Flawless on the go

Do a nice beat to express your inner you, outward.

Look and feel your best!

Meet Our Team

Ronnie Nwahiri


Tucker Parkhouse


Originally from Bronx, NY, Ronnie is a Nigerian-American and currently resides in San Diego, CA. She holds a masters’ in information technology and two bachelors’ degrees. She is enjoys kayaking and all things nature. 

Ronnie’s older sister modeled professionally for 5 years. It was through her that Ronnie saw the lack of diversity within the beauty industry. She would see her melanin-rich sister use dark eyeshadow to contour her face and this prompted her to come up with a solution. The creation of Ronnie Cosmetics came into fruition. 

Born in Vero Beach, FL, Tucker met our founder in boarding school while living in Kentucky. He considers himself an outdoors connoisseur and enjoys all nature related activities. He is currently an active duty marine and is our chief marketing officer.

Tucker considers himself an ally for diversity and speaks up for those without voices. He saw the potential in Ronnie Cosmetics to break down traditional beauty standards and hopped on immediately. He continues our journey with his hard work.

Luxury Makeup at a great price!

We are truly inspired to take the beauty industry by storm, opening doors for more diverse green beauty.

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Worldwide Shipping

We offer shipping all around the world.


Best Quality

Our products are cruelty free and made according to EU and FDA requirement.

Secure Payments

We ensure your payments are secure at checkout.

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